Dental Implant

What are Dental Implants?
Dental Implants is a titanium 'screw' which is placed into the jawbone. They can be used to support one or more teeth. Dental Implants have become an increasingly popular choice of treatment for missing teeth. Banasree Dental & Implant Center offer professional, Affordable Dental Implants which improve peoples quality of life everyday.

Dental Implants are a well-established, tried-and-tested treatment. At Banasree Dental & Implant Center our audited success rate of dental implants is 100%.

At Banasree Dental & Implant Center our Dental Implants Prices are extremely Affordable compared to other Dental practices in the World. In many situations, the cost is only a little more than the more conventional treatment with Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges. There are advantages of having Dental Implants too - an implant to replace a single tooth avoids the need to cut down the teeth either side for crowns to support a bridge. Normal dentures often mean you can't eat or speak well, due to the dentures moving about, but a tooth attached to an implant will prevent this problem.

Call us for a private consultation to begin improving your smile and enhancing your life! Together, we can achieve the perfect teeth you have always wanted.

The History of Dental Implants:
Dental Implants - They have been used in human culture for thousands of years with some of the earliest known Dental Implants being placed as far back as 600AD by the Mayan people of South America. There was much confusion over whether these early Dental Implants were in fact jewellery worn under the nose, but a dental academic from Brazil concluded that they were in fact one of the earliest examples - connected to the bone of a girl little over 20 years old for cosmetic purposes.

Research was carried out by Cambridge University in the mid 1950's although it was not until 1965 that a Swedish Surgeon PI Branemark adopted the Cambridge research and placed the first Modern Titanium Implant into a human volunteer.

Referrals to the Banasree Dental & Implant Center:
At the Banasree Dental & Implant Center we are very happy to take referrals from other practices, we take referrals for the following:- Dental Implants *, Surgical extractions*, Full dentures , Partial dentures, Full mouth rehabilitation.

Dental Implants Cost?
Dental Implants range in price. At the Banasree Dental & Implant Center we offer natural looking functional Dental Implants at a more Affordable Price. You may wonder how this is possible ? Our lead Implantologist Dr Mamun who has placed over 50 succesful Implants in last year (2010) believes that Dental Implants should be more Affordable for patients. We see patients from the entire World, aswell as many patients from Europe. We are happy always happy to provide fixed teeth for patients who have been suffering with missing teeth or loose dentures everyday.